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I'm Abhiram T Sabu 

A passionate enthusiastic undergraduate engineering student  and also a self-taught programmer.
 I intend to work on software development.  My domain of work is App developement using   
Flutter Framework.


 About me

Currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Communication and Minor degree in Software Engineering at Mar Baselios Christian College of Engineering and Technology Kuttikanam.

Mostly my time is consumed in learning, experimenting, and solving the problems (Mostly the tech). During my free time, I volunteer for professional bodies like IEEE, Instituion's Innovation Council (IIC), National Service Scheme and tech communities like Gtech µLearn too. I am also working on my side projects during these times and you can see the recent projects on my Github profile. I’m currently working as the Chairperson of IEEE Computer Society of my student branch chapter, Secretary of IEEE MBCCET Student Branch, Startup Coordinator at IIC, University Union Councillor at MBCCET, Campus Lead of Gtech µLearn. Foremost, I see my future developing new innovative technologies with a lot of cool techies and doing better for humanity.

Google Firebase
Adobe XD  
Adobe Photoshop 
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What I Do

My Journey

2014 - 2015

Kerala Sasthrolsavam (Work Experience-Electronics)

First runner up in inter-school electronics and Inter district electronics work experience fair which was conducted on behalf of Kerala Sasthrolsavam (Kerala Science Fair-The Kerala State School Sasthrolsavam is the largest Science Fair for students in the Asia region).

 Projects developed : 1.Voltage regulated 12volt 1A (AC to DC) Battery Eliminator.

2015 - 2016

Kerala Sasthrolsavam (Work Experience-Electronics)

Top 5th runner up in state electronics work experience fair. First runner up in interdistrict, inter-school electronics work experince fair.

Projects developed : LA4440 Audio Amplifier,Oscillator Circuit,Voltage regulated 12volt 1Ampere (AC to DC) Battery Eliminator with power backup system. 

2016 - 2017

Computer Hardware program by Kerala State Rutronix 

Learned the fundamental of Computer hardware, the Fundamentals of assembling a PC, How to diagnose and solve both hardware and Operating System problems, partitioning hard disks.


 Linux Administration

 Gained experience in Linux (Ubuntu,Kali-linux ).Started using as my primary OS for more reliability and freedom.

2019 - 2020


 Started learning more advanced topics in networking and pen-testing, attended the Pre-conference workshop of Red Team Security Summit 2020, joined for 15 days as an intern in Zindot Technology as an ethical hacker.


 IEEE Computer Society

Current Chairperson of IEEE Computer Society student branch chapter of Mar Baelios Christian College of engineering and technology Kuttikanam.As a part of the inauguration of IEEE CS and IEEE CIS SBCs we have organized a flagship event "Exordium" ,the ceremony was streamed online and had an audience of over two thousand viewers.



2020 - 2021

 IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

 Current core committee member of First IEEE Computational Intelligence society student branch chapter in IEEE Kerala Section.



 Intern at Avodha Edutech Pvt. Ltd

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